Kassam Trading Company


As we are leading rice exporter from Pakistan so, we provide you the easiest way to communicate and to book your order.

Step 1

We give quotations regularly to our valued clients by mean of E-mail, fax,Telephone for any specific Items by our client.

Sales Contract
Step 2

After confirmation by our buyer as per rules & law of Business we fax the sales contract as per the price agreed B/W us Kassam Trading Company as a seller and Buyer.

Payment Terms
Step 3

We export on sight or assurance Letter of credits for 30,60,90 Days.

Step 4

We supply samples extracted from the goods in our warehouses we sealed the sample and send by international courier at buyers address to ensure the quality as per committed at the time of sales B/W Buyer & Seller.

Step 5

We do our best to assure our customers of the best delivery times as Agreed at the time of Sales contract. All means of transport are available. Containers Shipments / Break Bulk.

Step 6

We make all the international documents available to our customers (phytosanitary certificate, certificate of origin, fumigation certificate Invoice, Packing List, Bill of Lading as Per Letter of credit requirements or UCP).

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